Kingdom Vision

Establishing the Kingdom  of Heaven here on earth through saving the lost, healing, finances, love, dominion, purpose and management. 

To take care and love people. A family whom care for all family members.

To give people hope and covering.

To help care, grow, establish, people in their identity in Christ.

To help people into a intimate relationship with God our Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

To help people find their position in the body of Christ and to live out their purpose.

Structural Vision

New Building, Dome Building - 6000 people, Stadium - 120 000 people, Multiple Churches, Mercy and Grace Ministries Radio Station, Tv Channel.

Spiritual Vision

Is to teach people how to receive the love of God for themselves and then from a place / position of overflow, we love other people.  We want other people to know that God does not allow bad things to happen to us to teach us something, for we need to understand that   God gave dominion and ruler ship over to us  humans on earth. Therefore we cannot make an statement saying “God is in        control” or “everything happens for a reason”. We as humans are subjected to freedom of speech, freedom of ruler ship. Many people   blame God for bad things happening on earth, therefore we want to teach people if anything bad happens it is not God. For people often put all bad loss of family or friends etc. to Gods account. The world is today in the condition that it is because of us humans, fall of man, and our inability to rule and manage as God intended and purposed from the beginning life happens but God gives us His word, promises and the Holy Spirit to help us super exceed in life also to be healthy,   wealthy and prosper in every area of our lives, for Christ  died so we could have life and life in abundance. God placed Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (Meaning): “Luxurious” We need to listen daily to the Holy Spirit and co-operate with God’s Word for and in our lives. Not everything that comes our way is from God or  allowed by God.

Emotional Vision 

Many of us in life, and through life have had many hurts, disappointments, struggles, confusion, brokenness, broken families, crazy relationship loss, bitterness, unforgiveness,

resentment and you can add your own list of things, in this fallen world, the devil and life itself will and have tried to damage and derail you from God’s plan and purpose for your life. The word says, the devil was the murder from the beginning he is also the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy. What we would like to do is to help you by getting God involved in every damaged area of peoples lives, so God can have the opportunity to turn all those bad things into platforms for His Glory to shine in your life, it caused us mostly unknowingly to have written these things "events" of pain and hurt on our hearts. Or I can explain it that there are roots of things in our lives that needs to be uprooted.